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Erotic Roads Body Butters

3 reviews

An extension of the Erotic Roads Oil and Toy line. These body butters do what the oils and toys do just in body butter form. Here to help you not only to manifest your desires but smell sensual and luxurious while doing it. Sensuality is all about opening up your senses and add moisture and luxury to it and you've got a winning combination.

Chemical free.

Olive oil free.

Shea butter free.

Coconut oil free.

Cocoa butter free.

Filled with Vitamins A, E, anti-aging, anti-scaring, great for acne prone and sensitive skin ingredients.

ONLY high end body butters and oils for even the most sensitive skin!!!

Your skin is your most expensive organ, treat it with care.

Choose between three scents:

Find Me: The same exact scent found in the Erotic Roads Body Oil but in body butter formation. Wear this open roads, smells like rich sex, find me to come give me what I want scent all day.

Worship Me: An aphrodisiac for your body. A sex coffee scent. Enfused with the scent of coffee and another sensual endulging scent, this will make whomever crave you, want to worship you, and if all goes well and you want to - fuck you!

Kiss Me: Smell kissable with this Erotic Roads rose scented body butter. Smell like you should be kissed all while nourishing and moisturizing your skin.

Smell good, feel great.

Luxurious skin.

Sensual smells.

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Verified Buyer

1 month ago

Wonderful butter

My most favorite moisturizer! It makes me feel rich and smell fantastic


5 months ago

Kiss Me Is My Absolute Favorite

I bought all three of the body butters but the Kiss Me is my absolute favorite. I love how the scent stays on my skin but I also love how it moisturizes my skin as well. That smell is fantastic. I will be buying again once I'm done with this.


Verified Buyer

6 months ago

Amazing body butters!

I got the Worship Me and Kiss Me Body butters and they smell so delicious. The Worship Me body butter smells so comforting and I constantly find myself sniffing my arms. The Kiss Me body butter smells like an expensive bouquet of roses and is also a very sensual, comforting scent. This body butter literally melts in your skin and has my skin feeling soft, velvety and moisturized. You can tell a lot of quality, care and knowledge went into this product.