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Selene Steam for the Womb Free Woman

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Size: Choose between a small Mylar bag or a large 10 oz jar!

Not every woman has a traditional womb due to her having had a hysterctomy but she still has a womb area none the less. Even though the physical uterus may have been removed, the energetic center remains and it, too, can benefit from the warmth and cleansing properties of a steam. It deserves to benefit from a spa for that area. 

Because the womb area is still there, it is vital that women who have had hysterectomies regardless of the type, take care of that area. It is vital they work on ensuring they don't have blood clots, catch diseases, don't sustain vaginal dryness, can still have pleasurable sex both with themselves and others and can regulate their emotions.

With a hysterectomy, you lose one of the most important structures in the pelvic floor, and conditions like vaginal prolapse or bladder prolapse increase.

Steaming is great for increasing circulation, eliminating odor and eliminating bacterial infections such as yeast infections, and bacterial vaginosis, all diseases which can occur even with a hysterectomy. 

Yoni steaming lifts, tightens and tones by the very nature of the medium itself. Add the properties of the herbs into the equation, and you have a great system for aiding in the prevention of these forms of prolapse and diseases to occur.

In addition, the steaming is helpful to the healing of the scar tissue left behind from surgery. It is considered a soothing therapy for scar tissue and helps you reconnect with parts of your femininity.

This custom created formula has herbs in it strictly for women who have had hysterectomies both full and partial. 

Recommend use: Once a week for full hysterctomy, once every two weeks for partial. 
Instructions will come, please follow them carefully.

Customer Reviews

Nicole R.

4 months ago

Thank you

Thank you for taking care of us.

I just completed my 3 days of steaming and I can already tell the difference. My abdomen is less swollen. I had my hysterectomy 8 years ago and have been having issues with pain in and adhesions lately. I’ve even had a shot in my surgical scar to relieve the pain that only worked for about 2 days.

This steam….I haven’t had any pain since the first day of steaming. My sleep was so sound and my dreams so vivid. (You KNOW what kind of dreams - things were worked out and revealed). I’m so thankful to you for this steam and for the Shielding Course.

I will be using this steam monthly. Thank you so much