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Erotic Roads Body Licker

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This is part dildo-part pussy licker.

Yes, you read that right. Choosing between 10 levels, this toy can lick your pussy for you.

Stimulates the gspot and your clit.

The tongue actually licks your pussy in as fast or as slow as you want it to go. It moves back and forth, rocking and vibrating.

Just place near your pussy and relax.

Warning: May cause you to squirt!

Additional Info: We don't just pack and send, we consecrate each one before it is sent. You gonna get that magical, life changing energy in this toy because it's not just a toy, it's a life changing vessel.

10 levels.

So, if you love getting your pussy eaten and you're either single or your significant other isn't doing it right or is unavailable, this solves that problem. As per the review, great for butt action as well.

A GREAT toy for self-care!

Goes great with our Erotic Body Oil.

Material: Silicone

Just wash with soap and water


Low Noise

USB Charger


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2 weeks ago

The Orgasms are Guaranteed!

Chileeee! This toy is the truth! I got the pink version and the way it licks my pussy in the angle it licks my pussy is the truth! Combined with the clit course and chileeee…. Just get you one, you won’t regret it.


Verified Buyer

4 months ago


I don't even know where to start. I used the body licker after I did my 3 day Venus steam ritual. Baby when I tell you this thing left me shivering and shaking. Not to mention it helped me manifest the hell out of some things! Highly recommend, every girl should have one


7 months ago

Helped Me Manifest My Dream Job Damn Near Immediately!

I ordered it, got it and used it to manifest my dream job I had just went on a job interview for. My dream job actually. I did this:
1. Got dirt from the job, put it in a ziplock bag.
2. Inserted the penis part in, turned the licker on, put the bag of dirt next to the licker, held it tight and used both the licker and the dirt to call my dream job to me. I got the call the next day.
The whole time it was licking me, I was calling in my dream job and holding on to that bag of dirt tight. The way it was licking me was like it knew how to lick the right manifestation way. No man has ever licked me that way. It felt powerful. I felt the power of the tongue quite literally and I know it's because of the way it was blessed before being sent to me.
I got the pink. I'm almost tempted to buy the other two colors.
Highly recommend.

Ramona G.

7 months ago

Better than the Rabbit

Now, don't get me wrong I love my rabbit. I'm not throwing it away. It's a great little toy but this is a powerhouse! The way this viibrates in your pussy as it licks your clit is like the Frosted Flakes cereal commercial - IT'S GREAT! I appreciate the fact that it came charged when I got it and I was able to use it right away. It is the right size for masturbation and like the description warns, I've also squirted. I've never squirted with my rabbit.
I defintely recommend.


7 months ago

Great for the Butthole Too

Yeah, I ordered this. I'm a gay male and wanted it for my butt. I figured if it can lick the front, it can lick the back and HUNTY let me tell you!!!! Stuck the dildo part right in my booty and positioned that to lick my crack and it sure did. Had one of THE most intense orgasms of my life.

Yeah, I know its marketed towards women but I suggest men buy this too because YES! It is my new masturbation tool. I got tired of using my hands.