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Likeable Lip OIl - Everyday Lip Wear

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Easy lip. Easy lick. Damn, I really like your lips!

Gasoline free, chemical free, coconut oil free, dry lip free- Moisturizing!

Two different moisturizing oils plus real Vitamin C to help moisturize your lips and keep them that way.

A roll on to help moisturize your lips evenly. Goes and stays on clear. Non-greasy.

Moisturizing and soft. 

Use on top of or underneath your lipstick or chapstick. 
Use alone.




Great for both men and women!

Dry, chapped lips are not erotic, luscious, delicious or luxurious.

Do your lips a favor this winter and everyday of the year by treating them with care. Show your own lips that you like them.

If you don't like them then he/she/they won't like them either.

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2 months ago

It doesn't take much....

I love how moisturizing this lip oil is. It gives just the right amount of shine without appearing greasy like Vaseline or the lip oil you'd buy at a beauty supply store. Definitely an excellent addition to your self care or beauty routine.

Jessica V.

6 months ago

Now My Favorite Lip Oil

I absolutely love this lip oil. It really makes me lips feel really soft and it doesn't smear. It's also not ridiculously sticky. It has the right amount of oil in it where it softens but it is also a bit thick if that makes sense. My lips shine but not that embarassing kid shine that comes with a greasy look. I don't know how to describe it.

Let's just say that I'm very satisfied with this product and I'm ordering more and gifting them because I know some folks with some dry, terrible lips.


6 months ago

Love the Oil.

Very moisturizing. Love! Love! Love it!!!!

Sabrina W.

7 months ago

Moisturizing as Ever!

I like this lip oil for two reasons:
1) It's non-greasy
2) It works great with my lipstick.

I add this on top of my lipstick because lipstick is very drying for my lips but I love wearing it. I put this on top of it and that took care of my dry lipstick problem. It moisturizes my lips right through the lipstick. It isn't greasy either and it shines nicely. I'll definitely buy some more.
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