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Erotic Roads Body Oil

18 reviews


Open the roads to luck, love and everything in between!

Change your aura! Change your life!

To learn more about this oil, why you need it and what it will do for you, click here: Erotic Body Oil

Buy while in stock! Once gone, they will NOT be replenished!

Described as smooth and erotic. 

Can also be used on an Open Roads candle.

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Verified Buyer

4 months ago

Luxurious Experience!!!

If you missed out on this oil, SHAME ON YOU!!!! It's so light and moisturizing and it smells great!!! Several people said that I smelled like a Vanilla Cupcake and made comments of wanting to lick me!!! I also received a position I wanted serving on the Cultural Diversity committee at my place of employment. All I did was set the intention, visualized it happening and I got the email last night. You truly missed a jewel with this one if you didn't get it!!!


Verified Buyer

5 months ago

Luxurious Experience!!!

The Erotic Roads Oil is just
amazing! It has truly made me fall
in love with being able to afford and
attain the finer things in life and not
feel guilty about it. I feel like a
wealthy, rich bitch when I oil up in it.
I appreciate that it's just oil and no
herbs! I absolutely love the smell. I
love how it makes me feel on all


5 months ago

A MUST Have!

I know this review is going to sound strange but you're a priestess so more so than anyone else I figured you'd get it.
A few months ago I got a reading from a priest and during the reading I asked my ancestors why after having my business for the last five years have I not become wealthy in it. You know what they said? They said because I don't have the tools to become wealthy. They said that they don't trust that I will be smart with wealth and success because I be cheap.
Cheap! Can you believe they said I'm cheap and they don't trust me to be smart with wealth and success??? Who talks like that?
I asked my ancestors what I need to do to gain their trust and they told me to invest in learning from anywhere they send me and invest in products that show them that I am serious about learning how to not embarass their bloodline.
So, what does this have to do with your Erotic Roads Oil? Well, I came across your products from someone else on Facebook and I saw the success from others on the oil. I'm not going to lie; I had a plan to use it to trick my ancestors into making me wealthy. I figured I could hypnotize them or something.
Well, I'm not wealthy yet but they LOVE the smell of the oil because I put it in the diffuser and I burn it throughout my house. I pour it on my petition papers and dip my incense in it. They love the smell so much business has doubled. I use it in my house and in my store. It may not just be the smell but the power behind whatever you have in it but I know for a fact that they love the smell and it has them moving to at least bring more business into my store.
I was compelled to write this because I see the product is going away and I bought another one. I don't know what my spirits are going to do once this next bottle runs out but hopefully with your classes and the business and finances classes that I will soon start taking this will prove to them that I can handle the success.
Thank you for such a great product. I don't know what's in it but it made my spirits move. They have said they like the smell so I know they like the smell but I truly think its the power in the product. It has compelled them to give me more customers and for me that works for now.
Thank you for such a great product and I can't speak for others ancestors but I know mine will definitely miss it when it is completely gone.


5 months ago

Rejuvenated My Marriage

Saw this on Facebook and ordered. Bought a mini bottle as a Valentine's Day gift to my wife. To begin, it smells great. It automatically made my penis hard. It also smells great on my wife and it has rejuvenated the sex life in my marriage. We've been married for a while and so our sex life had dwindled tremendously. Ever since using this bottle we went from maybe sex once a week to now three-four times a week.
The smell is addictive and tantalizing. I am ordering two larger bottles now that they are going away, which if I must say is a MAJOR disappointment. EVERY marriage needs this oil. It is better than marriage counseling.


5 months ago

This Baby Pops!

This oil is the business! If you haven't gotten it yet, I highly suggest that you do! I mix it with my regular lotion after my shower and it has my man just sniffing me. I've gotten hella compliments on it. I've also done what was suggested in one of her money manifestation products and that is to talk to it and so that's what I've done. I have a small bottle that I take with me to work and I leave the large one at home.

I recently got a promotion and I attribute this oil to it. I had been passed over three times for a promotion, mainly I'm sure due to my race but after buying this small oil, talking to it, telling it to bring me this promotion, keeping it in my purse and all of the other money, pussy manifestations that are being taught, I got my promotion and a nice ass raise.

I'm telling you all this oil is the truth. I gotta buy a few more bottles because I'm really using this stuff daily and it has made my skin smell fantastic and my money better. I very much recommend.