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Erotic Protection Oil

7 reviews

Protection in erotic form.

Smell great, be protected.

Protect your money and your tools.

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Tee T.

2 months ago

I feel really protected

This oil is named the right thing as it has a protective energy around it. I feel like there’s arms wrapped around me. On top of that, it smells great. I like this so much I had to buy two more bottles. I need this protective energy around me constantly. I highly recommend you get.


2 months ago

Smells like Heaven on Earth!

Been meaning to write this for awhile and had some time today. This protection oil smells sooooooooo good. I would describe it as God horny but protective. It smells that damn good!!! It also works that damn well!!! Since using it, being an empath, I feel more protected and I feel less people’s energy. I don’t know how she does it but Good God she’s got a talent. I definitely recommend!


3 months ago

This deserves more than 5 stars!!!

First impression of this oil was before even opening the package due to the delectable scent. When my mother handed it to me she asked what I had ordered because of how amazing it smells, so much so that she thought it was a luxury perfume! I said no, it’s a magical, LUXURY, protection oil 😏 Next, I noticed how lovely the packaging is. The bottle was not damaged in the slightest. It not only feels expensive when holding it in your hand, but it looks very bougie, and I enjoy the aesthetic it adds to my self care altar. It smells simply divine; very androgynous, sweet, and comforting. My skin is also extremely sensitive, and this oil does NOT irritate even with daily use. The scent gives me the same feeling I get when I climb into a freshly made bed, cuddled up with my kitties after a full self care routine; freshly shaven legs, and all — Safe. Cozy. Content.

Now I’d like to share some of the magical effects that I’ve noticed. Multiple people I had been getting to know started acting super duper funky from day one of using this protection oil. One instance was with a woman I went on a last minute trip to Cali with; after our trip I had respectfully, and compassionately expressed to her that I need to keep a healthy distance due to her active addiction to THC being too triggering for me as a recovered addict. Through recent shadow work I’ve realized I simply cannot be around someone in active addiction regardless of what they are addicted to. Even though I expressed this to her with the utmost compassion, assuring her this is a boundary I must set for ALL relationships, and that it wasn’t personal…still, her response was vile, and unbelievable! She called me a junkie, brought up extremely vulnerable/personal things I had shared with her, and even tried tearing down the way that I look. It was as if I was speaking to a different person, but no. This was simply her true colors showing; all that animosity and envy had been brewing from day one, and finally erupted not even 24 HOURS after first applying this oil. My response to this was so mature, too. I didn’t cry, or get offended. I was disgusted, repulsed, but also grateful for the truth. I told her I will pray for her, and put her spiteful ass right on a mirror where she belongs. If this was a singular incident, I would not fully accredit it to the oil, but it wasn’t. There was a male suitor that had a similar reaction. Not long after applying the oil the switch in his character was remarkable. It was as if he couldn’t HELP, but expose himself. Dropped him immediately. On top of that, I’ve had many new people enter my life that are much more aligned with my current state of being, and future. I’ve had amazing opportunities arising; things that I have dreamed about falling right into my lap. I accredit that to putting the oil on the bottoms of my feet every morning with the intention of walking me in my greater purpose.

Adding this oil to the protection work I’ve been doing along with daily shadow work, and manifestation has been life changing. I’m filled with gratitude over the direction my life is headed; I am no longer fighting to hold onto that which is not meant for me. I release with a smile, and smell damned good while doing it!!! 😆

This oil is amazing. Im excited to keep seeing how it shows up in my life, and I cannot recommended it enough. Thank you for everything Goddess Copia. Looking forward to trying more of your products 😊

Ron D.

Verified Buyer

3 months ago

Protection Oil - Get you some.

I literally got the package and I could smell the woodsy scent and the grounding in this oil immediately. It smells like a sequoia just grabbed you and said you’re mine now. And all the branches are shrouding you. I cannot wait to wear this oil.


Verified Buyer

4 months ago

NOTHING Else Like It!

I’ve been using this oil for a little while now. You won’t find anything like this anywhere else. And I have all kinds of scented oils & creams because I love smelling and feeling good. The Erotic Protection Oil is easily at the top on my list of favorites. It has a very distinct, rich, luxurious scent. I love how the smell doesn’t fade like a lot of other scented oils, it lingers throughout the day. I wear it anytime of the day. I especially like wearing it when I go to work - it gives me a feeling of distinguishment and that extra boost of confidence to power through the day.

This oil paired with the protection techniques I learned from Goddessa Copia’s spiritual shielding course provides me a cloak of comfort & protection mentally, spiritually, and physically. So many random mishaps that came close and could’ve (and usually would have) turned out in disaster or misfortune, but thankfully missed me. My overall energy is at a higher frequency from this oil. I promise, you get the Erotic Protection Oil, you won’t be disappointed. This is one of those investments that is more than worthwhile!