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Dark Desires Oil - For Men

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Desires felt inside, hardly spoken, but in a scent.

Bring forth the desire and the boldness hidden away but wanting to come out!


Non-greasy but moisturizing!

Sensitive enough for even the most sensitive skin. 

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2 weeks ago

Almost Got into a fight because of this oil

So, I recently bought this as a birthday present for my man, he being a Scorpio and all, dark and all and word to my mama I almost got into a fight when he wore this. Some bitch had walked pasty my man, told him he smelt good, then circled back around to smell his neck,
My reflex slapped the bitch in the back of the head and we almost really got to tussling. The fuck.
That aaint never happen before and I know it was the oil because each time he wears it some strange women even a few fellas just walk up to him or circle back around to him wanting to smell him more.
As for the dark side, when he wears it we have BDSM sex. Twisted BDSM sex. The kink is on 10000.
Aside from the women and men wanting to sniff him, I have no complaints about this oil. I really love our sex life because of this oil.
Glad I bought it but be warned of the weirdos.


3 months ago

This Made My Dick Hard!

This smell is erotic. It made my dick hard! I didn't need viagara that night. I don't know what the fuck y'all got in here but that smell made my dick hard IMMEDIATELY! I then put some near my dick area and my girl loved the smell. I swear that was the best head of my life! Yo, buy you some bottles of this! Your dick will thank you! Oh, your girl too!


3 months ago

Rough sex abound

I'm into rough sex. Like really into it. I bought this, started wearing it and it gave me the confidence to speak to my partner and dominatrix that I wanted, needed and desired rough sex. My dominatrix has been giving it to me and I too my partner.

I'm going to bottle multiple bottles of this oil Because I really don't want the rough sex gravy train to stop.

I need this oil.


3 months ago

Helped Me Meet My Dream Girl

I found out about the oil in a Facebook group and decided to try it. Purchased it and from the envelope it smells great. IT smells like a latte and intimate sex with your first love. You just want to keep smelling it. It also lasts all day.
Anyway, I started wearing it and my now girlfriend walked past me in the street telling me that I smell good and badly asked me for my number.Gave it to her and the rest is history. I did get sex from her the first date night as she stated the smell made her horny. My sex life is on 10,000.
definitely recommend for the single men out there. You won't regret it.


4 months ago

Dark Desires is the right title!

I bought both this and the power oil. Difference:
Dark Desires is strong and brings out the bold and fierceness in those that smell it on you.
Like women I know for a fact wouldn’t have given me the time of day before suddenly “like me.”
It will make your partner horny.
I had rough, animalistic sex with it.
No lovemaking with this oil.
Highly recommend but like be warned.