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Mommy Oil

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Sweet Smelling Energy Boost!!!

Made for moms by a mom:
As moms it is always about our children, often times forgetting about us. It is time to bring us back to ourselves and this oil will help get you there. Scented a little sweet, a little sexual, ta little all day wear or with your man wear, it is time to get back to you and give you the energetic boost that you need.

Available as a Mini or regular version! 

Customer Reviews


2 months ago

Just the Pick Me Up I Needed

I came across this on Instagram and thought, Hey, I need something for myself. So, I bought it. One of my BEST investments. I felt it elevate my vibration. It really gave me the energy boost I needed just from the smell alone. I was excited, energetic, conquered laundry that I'd been procrastinating on, LOL. I just felt on top of the world. This is a treat for mom's like me. I have a set of twin toddlers so I need all the energy boost I can get. Will definitely buy more when this runs out.