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7 reviews

KNOCK EM' OUT Spiritual Cleansing Powder

7 reviews

Comes with appropriate charcoal tablets.


This will knock all the foolishness lurking in your home out. It's powerful enough to cleanse out all the spirits lurking, negative energy and all.

Instructions to come on package.

Burn and use to clean your candles, house (inside and out), money, even you car.

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2 weeks ago

Addicted to powders because of this!

This powder makes my house feel great. It clears out the negative energy and makes my house feel clean. I highly recommend.


Verified Buyer

1 month ago

2nd month

This is my second time using this powder. The first time, the energy in my home was so funky that my burner got mysteriously knocked out of my hand so I picked it up, refilled, and started cussin the spirits to get out and they mostly scattered through one particular window.

I used it again today which is about 5 weeks later and things were not as intense. What prompted me to use it was that my dreams were really wacky this week, the energy in my home started to feel heavy again, and I was arguing and getting agitated. All feels right again. This is good stuff.

Ron D.

Verified Buyer

1 month ago

Knock ‘em out is a knockout

I didn’t even have to open it to feel it. I held it for a second and felt things in my body moving and shifting. When I get ready to use the powder it’s going to knock everything out of everybody probably for a good half a block. Get yourself some for your home ASAP


2 months ago

Helped Sell My House

So, I saw this in a Facebook group and decided to give it a try because why not. I’m into the metaphysical. Plus, I am a real estate agent and anything that could help sell my client’s houses I was up to try.

I had one house in particular that wouldn’t sell. No clue why. I decided to try this out to see if it would help. Nothing else did. I followed the instructions and held an open house a week later. The energy had definitely shifted you could tell. So much so, that when I did the open house the house went into a bidding war.

Whatever was in that house that was stopping it from selling left after burning this powder. I highly suggest you get this powder. I will be using it on all of my properties.


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2 months ago

Powerful and easy-to-use

As soon as I opened the bag, I could feel the power of this potent and easy-to-deploy product. During and after the cleansing, I experienced a complete shift in the energy in and around my home, even in the basement and crawl space.