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Evil Eye Bracelet

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Created the traditional way with red thread this evil eye jewelry is known as a symbol of protection from “mal de ojo” or evil eye energy from people who are jealous, envious or simply wishing bad upon you. 

This adjustable bracelet comes spiritually blessed and:

  • With waterproof string that allows you to keep on even while you shower.
  •  The evil eye bracelets are adjustable for all size wrists.
  •  It has a closure with a macrame knitting and evil eye beads.
  • Custom made


Goes great with either our Spiritual Shielding Course where you can see the link at the top of the page and/or our Evil Eye Body Wash.

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Ron D.

Verified Buyer

1 month ago

This Right Here is IT!

This bracelet is the truth. The power surge that I feel, the recalibration of my energetic body, just the ease and the fit of the bracelet…. Make sure you do read to put it on your LEFT side, I put it on the right for a few minutes before I saw that. Attention to Detail is a must with these products! Get you a few of these for you, your loved ones, this bracelet is it!


Verified Buyer

3 months ago

Took Heed.....

This morning before leaving for work, it's almost like my inner Spirit would not let me leave the house without putting this bracelet on. So, I took the necessary time to program it and put it on. I can definitely tell some serious energy went into it. It's almost like there's a presence on my left side that's just guarding me. Almost like it's just waiting for some shyt to pop off!!! I sealed my aura and put on some protection oils just to make sure I'm fully ready and protected for whatever may come my way. Crazy part is, I'm working with one of our more difficult kids here at the center today. This bracelet and the crystals recommended in the shielding course are super powerful tools you need in your spiritual arsenal!!! Definitely not to be slept on!!! Grab one while you can!