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Evil Eye Removal Body Wash

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Wash away the evil thrown at you! 

Remove the evil eye, bad luck, jealousy and the seven deadly sins thrown your way with this lathering soap.

A MUST have including if you are a social media influencer. That evil eye hate gets your pages removed. 

Available in either plain or African Black Soap.

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Verified Buyer

5 months ago


The Evil Eye Body Wash makes me
feel unfuckwithable!!! The world
can be chaotic around me and I'll
just sit there like, I am divinely
protected and none of this shit is
bothering me today. It allows me to
be cool and calm and very
nonchalant. I absolutely love it!

Averia R.

7 months ago

This Bitch Lathers!

When I saw in the description that it lathers they weren't lying. It sure does. Makes my body feel great. My only complaint is that it is not as thick as I like it but boy does this bitch lather. Gonna buy more though. It works too well not too.