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Seduction Intensive

Exclusive lessons for the private, privileged man.


What is the intensive: Let's be VERY clear, most men, whether gay or straight do NOT have a sensual bone in their bodies. - Argue with your mama!

In short, the Seductive Dominatrix Intensive is for the man who is looking to learn how to tease, torture, dominate but in the most sensual way possible. Sensuality is a struggle for most men and it is why only 11% of women have had vaginal orgasms, why women prefer toys or require them to orgasm, and it is partly why more and more women are choosing to stay single. It is also partly why women cheat. Men are LACKING in the seduction part. Shacking up, flowers, chocolates and dinner every once in a blue moon is NOT seduction.

If you're gay, you don't for the most part even expect sensuality even though you crave for it.

Teach your man how to be a good boy, become a SENSUAL MASTERMIND!

Teach your woman how to be a good girl, become a SENSUAL MASTERMIND!

This intensive is for the man who is serious about learning about the true nature of sensuality and is looking for real BDSM strategy, deep mindset work and a safe space for support.

If your ONLY reference for being a male dom is 50 Shades of Gray, you have a LOT to learn - START HERE!!!


This intensive is for the man who is ready to get advice from a woman and actually take it, and put to the side everything you think you know about sensuality and sex and learn or elevate what you already know.

This is for the man ready for sexual elevation.

Sensual Domination is about soft first, rough last!

When: Begins June 2023 - Ends December 2023

Where: In an exclusive-private online community

What You'll Learn in the Intensive:

  • Seductive Body Types
  • Seductive BDSM
  • Seductive Desire: What women really want
  • Seductive Limits
  • Protecting Your Penis and Your Money: The Contracts
  • Seductive Time: Part-time, full-time or only a lover
  • Seductive Time 2: Being the Dom even when you're busy
  • Seductive Talk: Sexting seductive dominatrix style
  • Seductive Genders: Male, female or both
  • Seductive Aftercare
  • Seductive Affirmations
  • Seductive Rituals
  • Seductive Bondage
  • Seductive Discipline
  • Seductive Communication
  • Seductive Sex: Topping
  • Seductive Travel: The long distance problem
  • Seductive Dominatrix: Making the leap
  • Seductive Roles: Chosen roles and reasons
  • Seductive Choice: Choosing the right sub


Another Seductive Remedy

Regular Female Penetration

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