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This remedy is for Moms and women who want to be moms because y'all need a safe space. Buy an oil made specifically for moms or choose between one-time or monthly sessions for both the Moms and the Moms that desire to be.

Mommy Oil
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Sweet Smelling Energy Boost!!!

Made for moms by a mom:
As moms it is always about our children, often times forgetting about us. It is time to bring us back to ourselves and this oil will help get you there. Scented a little sweet, a little sexual, ta little all day wear or with your man wear, it is time to get back to you and give you the energetic boost that you need.

Available as a Mini or regular version! 

Moms Venting

Moms book a one time- 45 minute session where you can do any or all of the following:

  • Vent- Because every mother needs a safe space - ex: vent during lunch break
  • Learn how you can be a mother that can still live out her dreams
  • Let's talk about maintaining self-care and sex now that you're a mother

One session may be all you need. Day and evening appointments available.