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The Temple's History

Read the reviews of all of our products and you will come across a recurring theme, "Our products change lives for the better." There is a reason for this: Each recipe is spirit lead. They are created in the heavens long before it even reaches the brain, so when it comes that powerful it can only work in some shape, form or fashion for the better.

This is the Temple of Copia - The temple that believes in the power of sensuality and luxury to the highest forms with a touch of spirituality.

The oils are fragranced from the heavens and long ancestral knowledge.

The steams are created from the energetic power of the womb or the dick, long ancestral knowledge and certified herbalist wisdom.

The toys are tools needed to put one in a sensual energy, to manifest luxury and tap into their own spirituality.

Our services give you the wisdom you need to live luxuriously and sensually.

There is power in smell.

There is power in herbs.

There is power that comes with having money.

There is peace that comes with living luxuriously.

There is both peace and power when you can tap into all of this and live like a God in human form.

Here we adore ourselves, male and female or whatever gender you might be.

Welcome to the Temple of Copia!