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Worship Yourself Month Long Ritual

Ritual Workshop for BOTH men and women.

Starting from October 1 to November 2, during these 33 days, in a private group you will learn how to worship yourself.

33+ tips will be given teaching you how to workshop yourself.

Why is this important?

Because when you learn how to worship yourself, then you can bring in money, love, jobs, etc. with ease.

The five senses will be covered each week and you will be given tips during those five weeks on how to worship yourself.

Example: Touch: You will be given 7 tips on how to use touch to worship yourself.

You may be given more or less but it will be a minimum of 7 tips each week utilizing all the senses.

There is no specific time for this. You will just get the alert when a new teaching has been posted. Login at your convenience.

Payment plans are available for this.

Pay in full: $303.00

Pay with payment plan: $333.00 or $166.50.

All payments with the payment plan must be made no later than Friday, October 13, so as not to interrupt the energy of the group.

First payment plan not allowed after October 6th.

Have all the tools you need to fully worship yourself through the holiday season so that the money you desire will come in 2024.

Plus 33 days gets you into a habit. It takes 21 days to form a habit and 33 days give you additional time.

Pay via payment plan option:

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Procrastination Kink Workshop

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The Procrastination Kink Workshop: Your procrastination is a full-blown kink, handcuffing you in life.

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