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Temple Rules

  1. Thou shalt enter this temple with the desire to learn.
  2. Thou shalt enter this temple with respect for this goddess.
  3. Thou shalt not engage in thievery against Goddess Copia or Goddess Copia Remedies including chargebacks, payment reversals, and reposting my visionary goddess work as your own. 
  4. Thou understandth that there are no refunds for products, digital downloads or ebooks and will not ask for any refunds for whatever reason as doing so would be constituted as stealing.
  5. Thou understandth that if you attempt to steal my work via chargebacks, payment reverals or reposting or selling any of my work as your own, I reserve the right to press criminal charges not limited to: Theft of service, petty larceny, grand larceny, and/or any theft related charge found in your jurisdiction or mine, including any federal charges.
  6. Thou shall show up to your appointments on time. A fifteen minute grace period will be provided. There are no refunds for missed or late appointments. 
  7. Thou shall understand, acknowledge, and accept that any phone sessions with Goddess Copia Remedies are NOT phone sex services. This is NOT Onlyfans on the phone or Niteflirt. If you attempt to change the nature of the phone call to become a phone sex call such as with moans, jerk off sounds and any other nonsense, you will be hung up on and no refunds will be given.
  8. Thou shalt be solely responsible for any hurt feelings during any therapy sessions. You shall trigger through whatever feelings you are having and will not disrespect the goddess. Any form of disrespect will not be tolerated, your session will immediately end and no refunds or reschedules will be given or allowed.
  9. Thou shall take responsibility for reading these commandments prior to investing in any service or product of Goddess Copia Remedies. 

Following these rules ensures for a smooth remedial process. Break any of these rules and you will suffer the consequences, whatever I call them to be.